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77 Incredible
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Leading Health & Fitness Expert Nalisha Patel Finally Reveals
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Hi I'm Nalisha Patel and just in case we haven't met before, let me introduce myself quickly.

If you have joined one of our Affiliated Weight loss Programs....I congratulate on taking action! The first thing you should be proud of is that you made a commitment to improve yourself.

As part of the program I have put together 77 of my greatest health & fitness tips (based on our original 57 tips book with even more need to know tips) that have been designed to be used with any of our Weight loss program over the next 90 days.

The Instructions Are Simple

Each one of the tips in this book is what I personally follow and what I teach my private clients. They will seem like common sense and you will be probably thinking “It can’t possibly be that simple”, but I assure you it is!

Each one of these tips is designed to create a total lifestyle change for you. This means that you can use them forever. They are designed to be used everyday of your life.

Simply take 3-5 tips from the book each month.....& make it a Goal to stick to them for at least 21 days....I guarantee you will not believe the results!

By gradually incorporating them into your life, you will create a compounding effect that will supercharge the results you receive on this program... and FAST!

The goal is to make each one of these tips a regular habit in your day to day life.

Get Results Faster Then You Ever Thought Possible

I have spent over 11 years educating myself from the best health & fitness minds on the planet. I've read thousands of books, magazines & university studies on human psychology, fitness, weight loss & health.

I've traveled all around the world and have talked with some of the greatest experts in the health & fitness industry to extract the very best cutting edge weight loss information from their minds so I can put them into my programs to ensure YOU get the very best results!

From all these countless hours of research, I have discovered, simplified & extracted 77 easy to follow secrets that I have only until now shared with my private one on one clients.

I have now decided to share them with you for being a valued member.

Every one of these 77 Secret tips have been tested by myself and my clients....I know they work! Just look at all the amazing results on our web pages!

You have a choice of doing all this research yourself and on your own through excruciating trial and error or you can speed up your weight loss goals faster than you ever thought possible by reading my book

The 77 Secrets I'll Share With You...

  • Has nothing to do with "diet pills" & "fat burner" supplements...

  • Has nothing to do with dangerous weight loss surgery...

  • Does not require hours and hours at the gym....(In fact most of these tips require no exercise at all!)

  • And you definitely will NOT need to go hungry on some strange diet!

So What Happens When You Use My "77 Secrets" over the next 90 Days on one of our Weight loss Programs?

Can you imagine having that taut, toned belly? Toned arms and sculpted shoulder? Slim Lean lower body? Do you long to slip into a sexy bikini, an elegant strapless dress, or a pair of hip-hugging short shorts—without spending hours in the gym?

Fat layers will VANISH. Excess kilos will DISAPPEAR. You will drop a dress size FAST. And Your whole body will become FIRMER, SEXIER and TRIMMER.

Your body will go from fat to firm and your ability to burn fat will SKYROCKET by following these simple and easy to implement tips (especially when used in conjunction with one of our Weight loss programs).

Here's some Secrets You will Discover in this book...

  • Did you know 95% of people actually fail on weight loss programs because they fail doing this simple critical action...(Tip 1, point 4)

  • Learn this WEIRD and not quite known secret that allows you to ‘go crazy’ yet lose weight. This one tip (Tip 76) is well worth the investment for this book alone! All my clients personally LOVE this tip!

  • Learn this simple to do technique (Tip 68) to assess whether certain foods are making it harder for you to lose weight. "Wow, it's eye opening to know this...!"

  • Learn to do this one thing with meals (Tip 74) that saw subjects on this study lose 44% more weight than those that didn't! It’s dead easy to do and will help you lose weight, without changing any other thing. "This one tip is TOO EASY!"

  • Discover why this certain "FAT" can actually be good for you (Tip 33)

  • Learn this ONE thing you must do (Tip 63) to this commonly eaten food to ensure you aren’t inadvertently adding to your waistline! "Not many people know this..."

  • Learn how you can get easily ‘Duped’ by this one word on packaging (Tip 65) and learn how to overcome this while grocery shopping (Tip 66 and 67). "Yikes, it's too easy for us to be duped by this..."

  • Learn how ‘this’ can cause you to wake up tired (Tip 69) and what to do to combat it. "Many clients used this tip to literally wake up full of energy and perkiness!"

  • Learn how this one ‘Psychological’ technique can stop you from overeating (Tip 58) I love this one tip. "This makes a MASSIVE difference to your waistline..."

  • Have you been struggling to lose weight for a while? Have you tried countless diets and can't seem to get you any results. You may be missing 1 of the 4 secret key ingredients to achieve ANY body you desire (Tip 1). You need to do all 4 at the same time to get results.

  • And discover much much more....

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If These 77 Tips Do Not Work for You over the next 90 Days....Just Ask For A Refund!

Let Me Repeat this..."There is NO Risk to YOU!"

Scrutinize all 77 Tips. Examine it. Use all the information.

That means if at any time, after the next 90 days you feel that none of my tips have worked for you or is just not for you -- for any reason -- then I insist you write to the email address I’ll provide you at checkout for a complete and immediate refund.

No questions, no hassles, no runaround. That’s how confident I am in the 77 Tips revealed in my book!

90 Day Unconditional Guarantee
I have so much faith in my book and the results that are achievable if you follow them that I will cheerfully refund your Entire Investment, No Questions asked if you aren't completely satisfied after 90 Days!

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If you are on one of our Weight loss programs I look forward to helping you make my 77 Simple Slimming Secrets a part of your every day life and help you finally achieve the body you desire over the next 90 days!


Your Personal Trainer & Weight loss Coach

Nalisha Patel.
HealthMastery Ltd


National Fitness Expert, Writer and Author
BSc Sports Science & Psychology
Certified Personal Trainer
Westpac Young Business Person of the Year 2008 – Finalist

PS: I've compiled these 77 incredible tips over 11 years in the fitness industry, spent countless thousands of dollars on books, seminars & traveling the world to learn this stuff....I'm sharing my best tips with you that will get you the results you desire fast!

PPS: Remember, this book is 100% Guaranteed for 90 Days. Use all the tips provided and if you feel you got no value or no benefit just request a refund. It's that simple.

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100% No Questions Asked
90 Day Money Back Guarantee
I Personally Guarantee that you will Start Feeling & Seeing Results in the First 30 Days of using just a few of my Secret tips. However If you feel you got no value or benefit from any of my tips after trying all of them for a Full 90 Days...just let us know and we will happily give you a full refund! (No Questions Asked!)

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